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Zoll AED Management

Important steps in AED Program Management

  1. Make high-quality CPR a priority.
  2. Choose an AED manufacturer that can continue to support your plan.
  3. Consider long-term cost and upkeep of pads & batteries for your AED program.
  4. Put a long-term tracking over-site program plan in place.
  5. Consider what accessories are needed to support your plan; wall cabinets, hard shell cases for off site support (traveling teams), adequate signage, etc.
  6. Choose a plan supervisor, and a staff member at each site for tracking their AED.
  7. Focus on training.
  8. Schedule and track training for your rescuers.
  9. Train in what to do, and why each step is important for life support.
  10. Train all staff to recognize sudden cardiac arrest, what an AED looks like and where it is located, and how to contact someone who is trained.
  11. Plan in place for staff/students/employees psychologically affected by an attempted rescue.

En-Pro PlusTrac

En-Pro PlusTrac oversite program will give you all the support needed to be compliant in owning an AED life saving device. ZOLL gives you the most support through Real CPR Support. However, if you have a brand you want to keep, En-Pro PlusTrac can help. If you would like to trade up, ZOLL offers a trade in program that can help you acquire the best AED on the market.

AED Trade-in and Trade-up

Trade your current AED in and Trade Up for a ZOLL AED

ZOLL Trade-in Coupon ZOLL Trade-in Coupon (56 KB)