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For sudden Cardiac Distress (SCD) good CPR and a fully automatic defibrillator are your best resources.

What is an AED?

An AED is a portable medical device that can be used to defibrillate a person who is in arterial fibrillation, an abnormal heart rhythm that can lead to serious complication of the heart, a stroke and even death. Seconds count when treating SCD.


Does your business or organization have a ZOLL AED within reach when seconds count?

If you own an AED is it Automated, or a Fully Automatic AED? See the difference in this video.

To Purchase an AED

Through Edgar Medical the ZOLL Full Automatic AED with Real CPR Support and the 5 year En-Pro PlusTrac oversite program is offered as a package with CPR-D pads, initial battery pack and the black soft carrying case. The PlusTrac oversite program will help you meet your states compliance for ownership on this new unit with a total package price of $2,198.00. This is the lowest online advertised price for the package. Give us a call for more information or bundle pricing, 573-518-0427.

ZOLL gives you the most support through Real CPR Support. If you would like to trade up, ZOLL offers a trade in program that can help you acquire the best AED on the market.

Go to En-Pro PlusTrac to learn more.

AED Trade-in and Trade-up

Trade your current AED in and Trade Up for a ZOLL AED

ZOLL Trade-in Coupon ZOLL Trade-in Coupon (56 KB)